February 27th, 2024, at 8pm


A cross between science fiction and musical, this animated series recounts the adventures of Jésus Perez, a human envoy to the exoplanet Harmonie. The planet’s name derives from its rainbow landscapes, but also from a genetic quirk that enables its inhabitants, with their enchanting voices, to reproduce among themselves without distinction of species.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with Bertrand Dezoteux and Laetitia Chauvin.



entrance fee : 8 €

17 Boulevard de StrasbourgParis 10e
metro : Strasbourg-St Denis (4 / 8 / 9)



by Roland Topor & Henri Xhonneux

November 7th, 2023, 8pm

A 16-episode téléchat program, directed by Roland Topor and Henri Xhonneux, and produced by Eric van Beuren, will be presented on Tuesday November 7 at 8pm, at Cinéma L’Archipel.
The screening (1h23) will be followed by a discussion with Eric van Beuren, Nicolas Topor and Alexandre Devaux.

Created by Roland Topor and Henri Xhonneuxtéléchat first appeared on French screens in 1983. A five-minute program whose 234 episodes were first broadcast on Antenne 2, presented by Groucha, a cat with a cast on his left leg, and Lola, an ostrich.
Positioning themselves as a disruptive force in the children’s audiovisual landscape, the creative duo, known for their penchant for the absurd and satire, openly challenged the  conventions of children’s television.
Through the adventures of Groucha the cat, Lola the ostrich, and Talking Objects like Micmac the microphone, Duramou the iron, not forgetting the Gluon in the hole, the programme has created a unique language, blending humour, poetry and social criticism.
The format draws its originality and character from its parodic imitation of traditional television news. The use of puppets, costumes and rudimentary special effects helped to create a surreal atmosphere, reinforcing the impression of entering a parallel world where the usual rules do not apply.
Since its first broadcast, téléchat has managed to carve out its own unique place in the television landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the collective memory. Over the decades, the series has stood the test of time, retaining a special place in the hearts of those who had the privilege of watching it as children, while continuing to intrigue and fascinate new generations.

Many thanks to Eric van Beuren, Nicolas Topor, Margot Merzouk in charge of programming at Cinéma l’Archipel, and Alexandre Devaux.


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