Manuela Marques

En Surface

9 March - 13 April 2019

Gallery Anne Barrault is pleased to present SURFACE, a new solo exhibition of Manuela Marques,
with an original set of photographs and one video.
The images she shows today are there to be seen, but the viewer has the feeling no to be able
to see below on the surface.
There is no horizon to get one’s bearings.
These pictures make us see surfaces, unreflecting mirrors.
During a whole year, Manuela Marques worked in closed rooms of the Château de Versailles.
Counter to the Hall of Mirrors, here the mirrors reflect their own history, scratches, dust; everything
is printed for the one who can decipher their messages.
In 2017, this work, entitled “La face caché du soleil” was shown, in a solo exhibition, at Lisbon
Calouste Gulbenkian Museum.
As the art critic Rozenn Canevet puts it: “Manuel Marques initiates a mise en abyme of reality,
composing it again and again, until this alchemical porosity between what is exogenous and
endogenous emerges. From there, from these images, which are meant to be fixed, you are
induced to move among them, to step into them. « Images are abysses » Manuela Marques
says. But you do not go out of an abyss, you get lost in it. And indeed, you are confronted with
these impossible issues. Everything, absolutely everything, only takes you to impasses, flouting
what is inside as well what is outside.”

Manuela Marques presents until May 19, 2019 an important solo exhibition, entitled “Et le bleu du
ciel dans l’ombre” at Lodève Museum.

On this occasion, a monograph has just been published, by Loco publishers.


























excision view of Manuela Marques, photographs by Alberto Ricci