Guillaume Pinard

Du Fennec au Sahara

Guillaume Pinard
Tombolo Presses, Coproduction : Avec le soutien aux galeries/publication du CNAP, FRAC Bretagne, Le Carré - Centre d’art du pays de Château-Gontier, Lendroit Editions, Galerie Edouard Manet-Genevilliers, Galerie Anne Barrault, Ars Ultima - Stein & Guillot Art, 2019
21 x 28 cm
144 pages


Guillaume Pinard’s first monograph is available at the gallery.

This book offers a journey through Guillaume Pinard’s work via a long interview with the critics, Franck Balland and Julie Portier. If the comments come before the images, their organization guided by the text could create new stories.

It will be particularly about:  the decline of the public service, Inspector Columbo, the blood pudding fair of Locronan, organic, sexual and faecal shapes, imitation, cultural mediation, social networks, virtuosity, encounters, Gustave Courbet, Rahan, Mondrian, Pokémon, painting, psychoanalysis, the refusal of the unconscious, micro history, signs, the evolution of species, tarot, beauty.