Ramuntcho Matta
Label Akuphone, 2019
Vinyl edition : 8 + 4 digital tracks


The poet, producer and visual artist Ramuntcho Matta is coming back to music with 96. 96 – as 96 hours were needed to record this new album. Ramuntcho points out that behind this dazzling recording, years of experience enabled him to achieve the mix of spontaneity and intimacy of the album.
He was the man behind the success of Eli Medeiros’ Toi mon toit. As a matter of fact, Ramuntcho Matta likes to put artists in the spotlight, as he has done with Brion Gysin, Don Cherry and many others. However this time he decided to put himself in the spotlight, with this record which sounds very 90s – with a wink to Bill Laswell for the bass – but still very contemporary. The album unveils a dark atmosphere, as if Bashung had lost himself in a Lynch film.
Alongside the album release, Ramuntcho Matta and Akuphone have decided to make the entire discography of the artist available on Bandcamp. Each Friday since the beginning of this year, an album has been put online and made available for listening and downloading.
Record sleeve designed by Ramuntcho Matta. Unpublished notes and drawings from the artist’s logbook « Desseins du jour ».