Victoire Chose

Muraille Music, 2019


Vimala Pons and Tsirihaka Harrivel are two iconic figures of contemporary
circus. Those versatile multi-instrumentalist geeks have been presenting since
2016 their show GRANDE on scenes across France and Europe. In the same
vein of the music-hall tradition that they revere, their play, both celebrating and
wrestling with love, is peppered with hits engineered with tiny instruments and
colossal melodies. After performing for 3 years came the desire to capture in a
tangible object the music that mesmerised members of the audience.
Supported by Olivier Demeaux (Heimat, Cheveu, Accident du Travail), in a
studio setting, they proceeded to make covers of the variety show themes of
GRANDE. Our three tricksters performed, arranged, completed – in one word,
fiddled with this one of a kind record, at the crossroads of a movie soundtrack
and a conceptual album. You can hear summoned here the psychedelic
experimentation of White Noise, the epic Italian soundtracks of Morricone and
Rota, or those of their Japanese counterparts Yokohama and Kawai, all
entrenched in this quintessentially French underground that ranges from Brigitte
Fontaine to La Grande Triple Alliance Internationale de l’Est.
A major piece of shivering and visceral music.

GRANDE – the live phenomenon of prolific artists Vimala Pons and Tsirihaka
Harrivel is back at CENQUATRE-PARIS for the third year in a row and much
to our delight. A variety show to be enjoyed repeatedly. A play that is against
all odds, handcrafted by filling in the gaps, celebrating love even when it’s over,
failure as a driving and creative force, and life itself, because it’s “only this”,
but also “all of this”.