Pleased to meet you

Marie Losier
Semiose éditions, 2021
23 x 30 cm
80 pages


Celebrated in this tenth opus of the Pleased to meet you collection, Marie Losier shows us more than a little in terms of rock attitude! Following her artistic adventure offers the reader enticing encounters with some of the rarest creatures from the underground, lent a touch of glamor by her unique twist on Hollywood and the world of movies.
An all-round artist of the sort only America produces, she transforms, with a waft of her wand–like camera, everything she touches into something marvelous. In her world of artifice, darkness and light do battle in the chiaroscuro of her films and monotypes. The intimacy she weaves with her subjects pierces the flamboyance of their personalities, while at the same time sketching her own Chinese portrait. Friends, heroes and animals are invited to the dance, with Marie Losier giving as much as she takes, and from this fusion springs an outpouring of love that transcends all aesthetic canons and stereotypes.
“Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name: Marie Losier.”

texts by Nicole Brenez & Constance de Jong